Tooth Extractions in New Braunfels

Tooth Extractions in New Braunfels

Nobody wants to be told that tooth extractions in New Braunfels are necessary. Unfortunately, the need for tooth extractions are sometimes unavoidable. There are several possible reasons that you might need to have one or more teeth extracted. No matter why the extraction is required, you want to make sure that you use an experienced dentist to perform the procedure. Dr. Daniel E. Allen, DDS, is a general dentist who has performed tooth extractions in New Braunfels for many years. He is a highly skilled and qualified dentist who is available to help you with your tooth extraction.

Possible Reasons for Tooth Extractions in New Braunfels:

  • You have teeth that are broken or decayed which cannot be repaired with another dental procedure.
  • You have an infection in your tooth, jaw or gums that requires a tooth extraction.
  • Your gums are not able to support your teeth properly and there are no other alternatives.
  • You must undergo a tooth extraction as part of an orthodontic treatment plan.
  • You have wisdom teeth that must be removed because they are impacted, emerging, or have been deemed as problematic.

Besides the above mentioned possible reasons you require tooth extractions in New Braunfels, there might be other factors that necessitate this type of dental procedure. Depending on your specific situation and the number of teeth that must be extracted, Dr. Allen will ensure that you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout your entire tooth extraction appointment.

When permanent teeth are damaged or you are in danger of needing tooth extractions in New Braunfels, Dr. Allen will evaluate the situation and provide you with all viable options. If there is a way to save your teeth and avoid the need for extractions, every possibility will be discussed with you. Unfortunately, there is not always an alternative to tooth extractions in New Braunfels.

No matter the specific reason you need tooth extractions in New Braunfels, Dr. Allen is here to help. If you have questions or concerns about having your teeth extracted, Dr. Allen will take the time to go over the process with you. Please contact our office at (830) 625-2222 to schedule an appointment. We provide a caring office environment and we offer several pain management options that make certain you are at-ease during your procedure.

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