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dental tips
General Dentistry: The 12 Best Dental Tips for the Holidays

Cookies, candy, and fudge -- oh my! The holidays can admittedly be your taste buds' best friend. But they can also be your teeth's worst enemy. In fact, research shows that the majority of people in the United States have tooth decay. Of course, cavities aren't the only dental problem you can easily...

dental anxiety
Overcoming Dental Anxiety: How to Get Rid of Anxiety Over Seeing General Dentist

A study in the Dental Research Journal revealed that nearly 60% of Americans experience dental anxiety.  Individuals who have dental anxiety may experience fear or stress when they visit the dentist. Many people end up avoiding dental appointments altogether because of their anxiety.  If you're experiencing dental anxiety--you're not alone--and there's something...

Dental Appointment
10 Questions to Ask Your General Dentist During Your Next Appointment

America, your oral health could use some improvement. Approximately 85 percent of Americans believe that their oral health is important, but only 15 percent would describe the current state of their oral health as excellent. The statistics show, however, that many people want to get back on track and visit their dentist more often. The first...

tooth extraction procedure
General Dentistry 101: How a Tooth Extraction Works

You just received the news: One of your teeth needs to be extracted. Your heart sinks, and feelings of fear begin to erupt. After all, you've heard a few not-so-pleasant stories about tooth extractions from family and friends in the past. Getting your tooth pulled by a general dentist can be scary,...

tooth extraction procedure
How to Brush With an Electric Toothbrush: Tips From the Experts

The first electric toothbrush came out in 1954 for people with braces and motor-skills impairments. As a country we are brushing too hard, which is causing receding gums, damaged teeth, and more cavities. In fact, for many people, brushing is doing more harm than good. Read on to learn why and how...

dental anxiety
7 Dental Tips for a Cleaner Smile

Is your smile looking a little dull? Perhaps your teeth aren't as healthy as they used to be? If this is the case, it's time to brush up on your oral health! Below you'll discover 7 dental tips recommended by our general dentist to help you achieve a healthier, whiter smile. 7...

dental cleaning
Why is it Important to Get a Routine Dental Cleaning?

Did you know that about one-third of all Americans don't make it to the dentist every year for regular checkups? This is a huge concern for those in the dental community because it's important for everyone to have a dental cleaning done about once every six months. There are so many...

root canal aftercare
6 Essential Tips For Root Canal Aftercare

Visiting the dentist, especially for anything related to root canal can be a troublesome thing. Not only are you worried about the cost of the visit, the potential pain and if your face is going to be numb for half the afternoon, but you also have to worry about root...

tooth extraction
How Long Does Pain Last After a Tooth Extraction

Have you been avoiding the dentist or putting off a needed tooth extraction because you're worried about the pain? Sometimes, when you're feeling nervous about a procedure, it's easy to let your imagination run wild and start thinking about all the things that can go wrong. Instead of jumping immediately to the...