How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

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20 Feb How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Having the confidence to smile without being self-conscious is something many people take for granted. Each year, Americans spend over $124 billion on dental care. While going in for routine check-ups and cleanings is important, these procedures cannot completely protect your teeth. Being involved in a dental emergency can leave your smile looking tarnished or disfigured. 

The key to reducing the damage done in these types of emergency situations, you need to seek out the care of a professional dentist immediately. With their help, you can get your dental issues under control in a hurry. Read below for more information about common dental emergencies and how to handle them. 

Dealing With a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Do you participate in a lot of different sports? If so, you need to work on protecting your teeth. Most people fail to realize how damaging a ball at high-speed can be to their mouths. If you are struck in the mouth with a ball, you may have to deal with chipped or broken teeth. As soon as this problem occurs, you need to visit your dentist. 

If your tooth is visibly chipped, you need to avoid putting any pressure on it or touching it with your tongue. Putting too much pressure on the crack can lead to the tooth breaking completely off. If you want to avoid this type of dental emergency, investing in a custom-fit mouthguard is a great idea. The money spent on these guards will be worth it considering the protection they provide. 

Severe Toothaches are No Fun

Perhaps the worst dental emergency of them all is a severe toothache. There are a variety of problems that can cause this pain. Rather than trying to diagnose and treat this condition on your own, you need to schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist. If you are not able to get an appointment right away, there are a few things you can do to make the pain more manageable. 

Using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills or powders can help you reduce the amount of pain you are in. If at all possible, you need to avoid drinking sugary drinks. These drinks can make the pain worse if your toothache is being caused by a cavity.  

An Abscess Can Be Painful

Having an abscessed gum or tooth can be extremely painful. If you are certain this is what is causing your pain, then you need to follow a few basic rules. The main thing you need to do is avoid very hot or very cold foods and beverages. Consuming these substances can make the pain from your abscess more manageable. 

Getting an appointment scheduled with a trusted dentist immediately is important. They will have no problem finding and addressing your abscess. The longer you wait to get this issue handled, the more pain you will ultimately have to deal with. 

Need Help With Your Dental Emergency?

Are you dealing with one of the issues mentioned in this blog? If so, it is time to contact Daniel Allen, DDS for help.

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