Crowns and Bridges in New Braunfels

Dental Crown and Bridges in New Braunfels with Dr. Allen, DDS



Crowns and bridges can be used to treat several dental issues. If you have one or more missing teeth, a large filling that requires a protective covering, or you need root canal treatment on one or more teeth, Dr. Daniel Allen, DDS may recommend dental crowns or dental bridges as the most beneficial dental treatment option.

Crowns and bridges in New Braunfels may be the optimal dental treatment for several reasons. Dr. Allen, a general dentist, may recommend a single dental crown if you are experiencing issues with one tooth, or a dental bridge if you have several teeth that need repair or restoration. The best way to determine which dental treatment is best for you is to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Crowns and bridges in New Braunfels can be an effective and cost-efficient choice for dental patients of all ages.


Am I a Candidate for Crowns and Dental Bridges in New Braunfels?

During your initial appointment with Dr. Allen, your teeth and mouth will be evaluated. Dr. Allen will provide you with his opinion on whether dental crowns or a dental bridge is the best possible treatment choice. If you opt for dental crowns or a dental bridge, you can rest-assured that your decision will provide you with many benefits. Dental crowns & bridges in New Braunfels are permanently affixed in your mouth. In many cases, dental crowns and bridges can last for decades and never require adjustment or repair. Because dental crowns and bridges are durable and designed to look like your natural teeth, you should be happy and satisfied with your choice for many years to come.


Can I Chew Normally on a Tooth Crown or Dental Bridge?

Extreme care is taken when Dr. Allen affixes dental crowns and bridges in your mouth. Once in place, you should be able to chew any type of food as if you were chewing with your natural teeth. Crowns and bridges are highly effective and should not cause any type of pain. It’s important to take care of your crowns and bridges as if they were your natural teeth so they remain in excellent condition. Additionally, dental crowns and bridges should be professionally cleaned twice year during your regular dental appointments.


Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges in New Braunfels
It’s important to take excellent care of your teeth and gums. With a result that can do much more than improve your appearance, dental crowns and bridges in New Braunfels are a top choice. Dental crowns and bridges in New Braunfels can also protect your underlying natural teeth, help prevent the onset of gum disease, and keep your remaining teeth in their proper position. Please contact our office today at (830) 625-2222 to schedule your initial consultation.

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