All The Tools In The World

all the tools in the world

12 May All The Tools In The World

If you haven’t been in the dentist chair for a while, or read up on new technologies, you might be amazed at what’s happening in the dental world. There has really been a lot of innovation that the average person doesn’t hear about, because most of us don’t have a lot of dental visits within a given year or so. 

For customers of any significant age, we’re used to those kinds of old-fashioned dentistry that involve a lot of drilling and groaning. We don’t hear about a lot of the big changes that happen in the industry, but some of them have the power to help us in real, profound ways. 

Now, for example, dentists are experimenting with non-drilling cavity filling, and have a lot of diagnostic tools at their disposal like panoramic x-rays. At the same time, those extractions that left gaps in the mouth are being filled with new dental implants that are both more versatile and more functional than your old-fashioned dentures. That’s good news, for so  many people who have issues in their dental health that they want to address, maybe things they have been putting off for a while. 

Family Dentistry

However, despite all of that technological innovation, some things stay the same.

New technology doesn’t help a dental patient like a gentle word from an experienced professional dentist. New technology doesn’t magically help your nervous child in the chair as the dentist provides calming and reassuring cues, or take over when the dentist is consulting an aging person on their dental health alternatives and cost.

In fact, part of being a good dentist is meeting people where they are, and explaining their options, so that they feel confident and able to proceed. We believe this is integral to the dental patient’s experience, and that the way that dentists frame things is important. 

At the Dental Office of Daniel Allen, we are a family dentist office and we take helping your family seriously. From insurance consultation to evaluation of your teeth and gums and jaw, the Dental Office of Daniel Allen has what it takes to provide compassionate dentistry for the whole family. Come in and find out what it’s like to visit a neighborhood dentist with compassion and empathy. You’re a name here, not just a number, and that goes for your children, too. Kids are so wonderful! We want to help them to feel secure and confident for a lifetime of better habits. That helps everyone, really, and it’s part of our mission in the New Braunfels community. 

Daniel Allen, DDS

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