5 Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

benefits of dental implants

02 Oct 5 Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

Your smile says a lot about who you are.

But, when you are embarrassed by the condition of your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable showing it off.

If the condition of your teeth is a concern, it can create insecurities, problems with low self-esteem, anxiety, and can even have a significant negative impact on your social life.

Many people suffer from dental issues that lead to unhealthy teeth and gums. This can cause the tooth’s surface to become damaged. It may also cause cracks, decay, and even tooth loss.

Throughout history, when people lost their permanent teeth, the only solution might be dentures. Later, people were given the option of bridges or crowns, but these require regular maintenance and can cause the patient to worry about costly repairs as time wears on.

Today, it is becoming more common for your dentist to recommend dental implants. In addition to restoring one’s self-confidence, the benefits of dental implants can be life-changing.

Read on to find out if dental implants may be right for you!

Why Dental Implants May Be Necessary

Despite improvements in dental care and common hygiene practices, millions of Americans suffer from conditions that result in missing teeth. Sometimes, the underlying cause is related to other health problems and may be out of one’s control.

Genetics, autoimmune disease, and injuries can all lead to the loss of one’s teeth. But that doesn’t make the problem any easier for those who must endure tooth loss. Research Dental Implants Denver if you have recently lost a tooth.

Other times, missing teeth occur as we age and teeth become more fragile when we don’t take proper care of our teeth, or from unhealthy environments and behaviors such as drug use.

However, you may have arrived at the problem, the benefits of dental implants offer patients a long-lasting solution to their dental woes.

Dental Implants Offer Patients a Solution

Dental implants have provided many people to regain their confidence and feel good about smiling again.

They may be able to help you recover from tooth loss as well.

First, let’s take a closer look at what dental implants actually are.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer a replacement for the root. They provide a strong enough foundation to accommodate permanent or removable replacement teeth. They are made to match the shape, size, and color of your natural tooth.

They tend to be more costly than other alternatives, such as dentures, which is why some people don’t choose to have the implants. But, the benefits are far greater than those of dentures, and most people prefer implants if it is a feasible option.

Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Here are some of the benefits of dental implants that make them the most desirable option for restoring one’s teeth.

1. They Are Permanent

Unlike dentures, implants do not have to be removed or require adhesive or special instructions for overnight care.

They can be created to create a natural-looking full set of teeth, and rarely do they require the maintenance that comes along with crowns or bridges. Crowns and bridges might also incur shifting and can need adjusting over the years. With implants, the solution is as permanent as possible.

2. Comfort

Dental implants are essentially small screws that go into the jawbone. Then, the screws are crowned to give the implants a more durable and authentic feel, so not only do they look natural, they also feel natural. They are not likely to move from their original placement. In fact, it would be practically unheard of.

They are not likely to move from their original placement. In fact, it would be practically unheard of. The stability that they provide is one of the most appealing benefits of implants.

Dentures are often connected to remaining teeth using a wire, which in itself can create discomfort. But they also can shift out of place during wear, which makes them cumbersome at times. In addition, they must be removed and often require a less than desirable adhesive to attach to the gums.

3. Healthy Bones

When a patient wears dentures, it can actually cause a recession in the jawbone, leading to bone deterioration and collapse.

On the other hand, implants are inserted directly into the bone, supporting the bone’s structure and lending to bone health. If in the case your bones have deteriorated, then you should consider Authority Dental Implants as they offer many methods on how to still get implants if you fragile bones.

4. Ease of Care and Maintenance

Implants cannot be removed. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the extra maintenance and care that is required of dentures.

Dentures must be removed and washed regularly to prevent bacteria and keep their desired appearance.

Also, eating certain foods can be a challenge with dentures since they are not permanently fixed. This can create a problem eating. You may have to remove them or avoid certain foods altogether.

Implants, however, will not separate from the bone to which they are attached. You can eat just as you would with a full set of natural, healthy teeth. You do not have to worry about the embarrassment of them slipping out of place, nor do you have to avoid eating foods that might be problematic for the denture-wearing patient.

5. Confidence, Appearance, and Self-Esteem Returns

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of dental implants is the way they make the patient feel and the effect they have on one’s self-esteem.

Missing teeth can definitely alter one’s appearance and implants have that same effect but in an opposite, positive way. Once again, the patient can feel good when they smile in public or look at themselves in the mirror.

The return of the greater confidence that comes from having a beautiful smile and teeth that are not in poor condition cannot be undermined. Many patients find that this is one of the most exciting and advantageous motivations for getting dental implants.

In fact, most patients, if answering honestly, would probably go through with having implants for this one monumental reason alone.

Considering Dental Implants for Yourself?

If you think that you would be a candidate who might appreciate the benefits of dental implants, it’s important to talk to a professional dentist who can help you make the best decision.

Dental implants can potentially change your life and result in you feeling and looking your best.

We know how important a great smile can be. And we want to help you regain the confidence and comfort that implants can provide.

Contact us today to find out if dental implants might be the solution that makes you feel good about sharing your smile with the world!

Dr. Daniel Allen

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